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Fatman Adventures - The Sacred Woods
Join PC gamers worldwide and help Fatman complete his treasure hunt adventure.
The game puts you in control of a real cute creature named Fatman who is, to say, not that fat and definitely far from being lazy. A devoted treasure hunter, Fatman discovers a mystery forest mentioned in ancient legends as both dangerous and promising spot for an adventurer like him. On his way to collecting all the treasure of the sacred woods Fatman will have to face cruel monsters guarding precious diamonds and rubies.
Fatman will have to outsmart his enemies by digging traps-holes, setting cage-traps and using magic items. And in case that is not enough, there is always a good old gun to blast his way through! Despite the fact, that some of us tend to think of Fatman being slow and motionless, our hero is quite beyond this description. He can run, jump and climb as well as glide on thermals and even teleport. High quality pre-rendered graphics, stunning sound and musical scores, well-thought storyline and features never seen in platform arcade before make this game a distinguishing title. Throw in tons of exciting levels to pass accompanied with beautiful cartoon-like animations and you will definitely understand Fatman Adventures is a must have for each Loderunner fan.
Fatman Adventures Episode II Underground Adventures
Lucky Fatman goes on with his trip. This time he was lucky to find and penetrate into the dark underground. No food was there before. Now his going to start on a difficult adventure in the underground country inhabited by ugly monsters and rich in treasures. Guileful undergrounds and angry monsters will not be able to block our hero. He will overcome all barriers, overtake all the enemies and will be a winner again.
Fatman Adventures Episode III Around the World
Do you think after exploration of the dark undergrounds our Fatman the Conqueror, the inveterate traveler, took the deserved rest? Noway! This time Fatman sets off for a challenging and captivating round-the-world trip! No matter where on Earth he emerges, the unforgettable, hazardous adventures, dreadful monsters and innumerable treasures are stored for him! Neither impassable jungles nor white-hot desert-sand or glacial Antarctica can stop such a brave traveler as Mr. Fatman! He is bound to outsmart crafty monsters, solve all the puzzles and get the cherished treasure!
Fatman Adventures Episode IV Christmas Gifts
The moment Mr. Fatman returned from the captivating round-the-world trip, something really awful happened on the Earth: evil monsters stole every single Christmas gift from Santa Claus!
Can you imagine?
Poor Santa is left without gifts on Christmas Eve!
What on Earth can he present to children so eagerly waiting for him to come???
Mr. Fatman is his last hope. He is the only one capable of working a miracle and bringing the gifts back.
And Santa immediately started to write the letter telling Mr. Fatman about his troubles.
Having received the letter our fearless Fatman got very upset. And how!
He couldn't allow children to be left without Christmas gifts.
And instead of sitting at the fireplace enjoying soul-warming December fire and sipping his favorite hot tea he set out for an expedition in search of stolen presents.
Fatman will certainly invent how to outwit crafty monsters again and bring the gifts back to Santa Claus. Be sure crafty monsters will learn who the Fatman is and meet their fairing!!!Download From R.S
Have Fun.....

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